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Care One Medical Solutions

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Care One Medical Solutions has respiratory therapists with exceptional skills and experience in trauma ICU, medicine ICU, long-term acute care, skilled nursing facilities. Our team’s performance exceeds industry standards. We have a proven history of successful ventilator weaning and tracheostomy care.

Our experienced staff can establish a safe and well-managed continuum of care for your tracheotomy and ventilator-dependent patients. The people under our care will receive individualized pulmonary rehabilitation that focuses on improving their
quality of life.

We also offer classes (initial and renewal) in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). We provide training in ventilator and tracheotomy care for both respiratory therapists and nurses looking to brush up on ICU skills as well. These initiatives support our goal which is to reduce the number of hospital readmissions of patients suffering from poorly managed cardio-pulmonary complications.

Basic training to families of patients that are ventilator dependent is also given by our staff. We believe that providing them with more knowledge can lessen whatever anxiety they may have.

 CPR classes are available for everyone, individually or schedule a group session with friends and colleagues.

We also incorporate education in gastrostomy tube feeding/maintenance and wound care.

*Ask about how we can provide "Sleep Studies" at your facility.

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